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Buying Process in Ezeefi

  • By Ezeefi
  • •  May 06, 2022

The process of buying and selling things have evolved with the introduction of online spaces supporting online shopping. But with the shift in the shopping practice, some part of consumers adapted to this change half-heartedly. 

Ezeefi is elevated as a unique platform, acting as a link between the offline market and the audience of every category. Ezeefi provides online space to the offline stores dealing in Apple products. It bridges the offline stores with the consumers practising offline purchases by providing them with the satisfaction of offline dealing. 


Ezeefi is an online platform bridging offline mac stores with consumers. With the vision of providing the best product at the best price and quality, Ezeefi emerged as a solution. Ezeefi is an E-commerce marketplace providing consumers with Apple products from authentic and credible stores nearby. 

Ezeefi is Pakistan’s first vertically integrated marketplace created for Apple smart devices, connecting genuine sellers with consumers affiliated with the parent company Mercantile. Mercantile is one of the leading players in device lifecycle management and distribution services globally. 

Ezeefi Objective

Ezeefi is an innovative concept raising the bar of the online marketplace industry by collaborating with the local stores and providing them with an opportunity to connect with their potential audience. Ezeefi focuses on achieving its main objective of making its consumers’ shopping experience at ease. To accomplish this objective, we have integrated various features making Ezeefi users life hassle-free: 

Local Shops 

Ezeefi offers the opportunity to local shops to connect with the potential audience residing nearby. Ezeefi contributes to providing a voice to the local stores on their platform. It offers an online presence to the local stores. Combining both modes of shopping offers an innovative solution to the consumers finding hard to shift. 

Verified Sellers 

Ezeefi process of onboarding the stores incorporates different layers of verification. Verifying sellers is one of the essential steps in the onboarding procedure. Our team at Ezeefi ensures the authenticity of the stores and products. 

Easy Purchase 

Ezeefi supports an easy ordering process. Ezeefii works towards the aim of designing a convenient and simple user experience. The purchasing procedure includes five simple steps: 

  • Select the location you reside in 

The user will get a pop up asking him about his residence as soon as he visit the site. Select the name of the city and go ahead surfing for Apple products. 

  • Browse the mac product you are looking for

Click on the “All Products”. It will provide you with four categories (Mobile, Accessories, Tablets and Laptops) to choose from. 

  • Compare the prices that each store is offering 

Check the availability of the model and colour of the product you are looking for. Compare the price offered by each store. 

  • Book the Apple product from the store that satisfies your all the requirement

Finalise your purchase of the Apple product from the store offering the best for you. 

  • Visit the shop & collect your product according to your suitable time

Go and collect your Apple product from the store according to the time that aligns with your schedule. 

Freedom To Choose 

Ezeefi provides consumers with the various options of stores for comparing and selecting one. Ezeefi offers the consumer the freedom to choose from the list of nearby stores on Ezeefi. Consumers often face the situation of unavailability of a particular model and the colour of a particular model. Ezeefi assists consumers by being the solution to the situation of unavailability. 

No Hidden Costs

Ezeefi serves honesty and credibility. Ezeefi believes in comprehensive transparency, so Ezeefi doesn’t have any hidden costs or charges. It supports the original price at which the store is selling the product. Ezeefi team verifies the authenticity of the product and charges no extra fee or subscription price to use the platform. 

Fast Delivery 

Convenience is the second name of Ezeefi. Ezeefi supports delivery that aligns with consumers suitability and availability. We understand the moment of happiness lies behind owning up your own Apple gadget, so we provide consumers with same day pickup. One can collect their product from the store on the same day. 

Secure Payment 

Ezeefi offers a safe and secure payment gateway. Ezeefi supports cash on delivery enabling consumers to pay only once they receive the product in their hand. Ezeefi targets both the online and offline audience by providing local stores with an online platform and offline mode of payment. Cash on delivery serves the satisfaction of security to the consumers. 

Geo-Location Tagging

Ezeefi provides the online space on their platform to all the Ezeefi certified stores. Ezeefi covers all the nearby and verified stores dealing in the authentic Apple product. We make the task of finding nearby stores with the availability of your desired products an easy thing to do. 

Premium Products

Ezeefi offers premium products with the assurance of credibility and authenticity. Ezeefi verifies the quality of the product, ensuring the consumers receive the best of the products. Ezeefi also allows consumers to compare the quality and price of one store with another. 

Systematic Delivery 

Ezeefi supports systematic and organized delivery, backed up with the OTP transactions. The whole delivery procedure is designed with extreme security and a system to eliminate the risk of wrong deliveries and fraud. Ezeefi aims to deliver a hassle-free service from the initial point to the delivering point of the ordering procedure. 


Ezeefi speaks the language of ease, escalating the scale of accessibility in the user experience of online shopping. Ezeefi is a safe and secure online platform providing consumers with authentic Apple products from verified sellers. Ezeefi have provided a platform for local stores, delivering the voice of locals in the ears of their potential customers. 

We at Ezeefi aims to ease the shopping experience of the users. Ezeefi have created an accessible way to enhance the experience of buying an Apple gadget for the users. We provide the users with a list of alternatives of stores to choose from. It acts as a doorway of ease for the IOS users to get a hold of their favourite products in the colour and model of their choice. Ezeefi respects the preferences and requirements of its consumers, hence providing them with alternatives allowing them to choose. Ezeefi is an online marketplace providing you with an experience to explore local stores online. Order your favourite Apple product at Ezeefi today. 

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